It is a wonder to me how God uses squiggles on paper to do his work in the hearts and minds of people.

Richard Foster

Rough Beginnings: Help for the stumbling

On the threshold of 2024 I lay on the couch waiting for my husband to return from Walmart with the Covid tests. I knew the test would be positive, and it was. Over the following week we used what brain cells we could muster to deal with a broken-down car and…
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black and white birches

Finding God: A Monthly Practice

Welcome! We’ve come to the edge of a month’s passing and another’s beginning. I love the opportunity of these liminal, edge spaces to pause and notice my soul’s bearings and look for how God showed up in my life. In my monthly-ish email, I offered these questions to reflect on: Where…
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Finding God in Uncertainty

There is a word in French that captures the visceral feeling of our communal and individual upheaval as we cope with the pandemic’s presence and other challenges: Bouleversant. It is a topsy-turvy word, one with motion and disorientation embedded in it. I find myself thinking of it often as I encounter…
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Discerning Whether to Push on or Not

I lay on the itchy carpet, my knee swiveled across my body and my arms splayed out to either side like a fallen cornstalk. A deep breath found the sharpness of a clenched back muscle and I shivered into the pain. “Feel the feeling.” My right eye trickled, the salt trail…
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Is self-care for Christians?

I cringed involuntarily. The yellow font proclaimed “Soul care is the new self-care!” I follow and frequently hashtag posts on IG with #soulcare, and I did not want it equated with self-care. Chagrined, I realized I still have embedded deeply in my body a wariness, even a rejection, of self-care.  I…
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